The Swedish capital Stockholm and its surroundings do not only account for three out of four Swedes who live here. Stockholm and its surroundings are also the biggest destination for holidaymakers and city tourists from Scandinavia and the world every year. Stockholm itself is also often called the "Venice of the North", which probably has to do with the fact that the city is built on 14 islands, which are connected by 57 bridges and the element water is the city's hallmark. Here, the seawater from the Baltic Sea meets the freshwater from Lake Mälaren, Sweden's third largest lake. If you live in a city apartment here, the view of the water is almost always included in the price.

The apartments are mostly used by their landlords as private apartments and are only partially rented out to holidaymakers per year, according to the motto "Stay like a local".


Around Stockholm we find the southern and northern archipelago, which stretches up to Norrtälje in Uppland. On tens of thousands of islands, everyone finds their own personal archipelago idyll. Many islands are also car-free, so you can only get to the island by archipelago or private boat (usually this is included in the rental) and then walk to the cottage with luggage on the trolley.

But even Lake Mälaren with its fantastic nature is worth spending its annual holiday by the lake and close to the capital. Simply combine a city break with all that this amazing city has to offer to offer with a holiday home by the lake. This is the ultimate here. In the north we find the Upplands region, which on the one hand includes a thriving student city Uppsala and on the other hand can shine with beautiful nature like Roslagen. No matter where you move in, you should definitely visit Norrtälje sometime during the holidays. The archipelago's capital is only about 70 kilometers north of Stockholm. The city has its roots from the Iron Age and is transformed into a classic tourist metropolis in the summer. From here, for example, boat trips to the archipelago are offered.

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