Eastern Sweden - the perfect holiday destination for all individual tourists who love to discover secret strawberry places and who prefer lonely beaches and cozy bathing lakes instead of After Beach and the queue before the pedal boat trip. Here you will find interesting holiday accommodation in the regions Södermanland, Östergötland, Gotland, Öland, Blekinge, Småland and the east coast north of Stockholm. If you end up in Östergötland, for example, you can find several estates and manors that are open to the public, including Ekenäs and Löfstad, both of which offer guided tours. In this region there are also many nice smaller and larger mansions for rent.

The region is also fantastic for family holidays with children with many exciting excursion destinations such as Kolmården Zoo. The park is located in Kolmårdsskogen, about 30 km north of Norrköping. It is a very large zoo in a natural environment and here you will find a safari park, dolphinarium and tiger facility. READ MORE

Östergötland offers a long stretch of coast with idyllic archipelagos along the entire coast. The Östergötland archipelago is divided into the areas Arkösund archipelago (Bråvikens estuary), Sankt Anna archipelago, Gryts archipelago and Tjust archipelago. The municipalities of Norrköping, Söderköping and Valdemarsvik jointly operate the Archipelago Line, which means that during the summer they can easily use a municipal ferry to wade through the Östergötland archipelago. Renting your cottage to summer guests has become very popular in recent years and you can usually find your dream cottage by the sea still during the last minute of the season.

A little further down we find the Småland part of Eastern Sweden with historic cities like Kalmar. Kalmar is located on the Småland coast and consists of both islands and the mainland. If you visit Kalmar, Kalmar Castle is almost a must. But Kalmar's city center with shopping, restaurants and cozy cafés also offers its guests an unforgettable experience. The month of August, for example, is time for the annual Ironman and also Rix FM's festival usually offers great music and atmosphere.

Even further down we find Blekinge. Blekinge has alternated between being Swedish and Danish, and its history as a border country has, among other things, led to the creation of the naval city of Karlskrona, which today is one of Europe's best-preserved naval cities and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The archipelago off the Blekinge coast has both a resident population and large numbers of holiday homes, and there are also plenty of hostels and campsites for those of you who want to visit the area.

If you are staying in Södermanland, the Nyköping archipelago is a great place to visit. The area contains several nature reserves that are popular places to visit, including Stendörren and Hartsö. In winter, long-distance skates are the ideal means of transport for those who want to experience the Nyköping archipelago.

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