If you can not really decide between established tourist destinations in the south or completely alone in the wilderness in the north, maybe something in between is just right for the upcoming Swedish holiday. But what do we mean by "central Sweden"? It is a slightly fuzzy definition, which roughly corresponds to Svealand (ie Dalarna, Närke, Södermanland, Uppland, Värmland and Västmanland). Also note that central Sweden is not the same as central Sweden. Central Sweden offers, for example, fantastic nature in Värmland, in the form of, for example, hiking and experiences on Lake Vänern. Värmland has its beautiful Klarälven where you can build and go rafting, among other things. In the town of Kristinehamn there is a work by Picasso for those who like art.


Or visit Arvika, a pearl of Värmland. Short or long holidays do not matter, Arvika is for you! Here we have long traditions around art, crafts and music and there are many fantastic strawberry places. There is nothing nicer to wake up on a warm summer morning in your small timbered cottage by the lake, open the door and enjoy the tranquility with a freshly brewed cup of coffee and panoramic views.

A little higher up we find Dalarna with its deep forests and crystal clear lakes. The Dala horse may be the most popular animal in the area, but it has some competition from the polar bears in Orsa. Year-open Orsa Predator Park is Europe's largest predator park with a focus on endangered predators from the northern hemisphere. Do you like untouched nature, hiking and in the winter skiing regardless of downhill or cross-country skiing ?! Find your mountain cabin in Idre Fjäll or Fulufjället National Park in northern Dalarna. It's great to hang out there.

A wonderful and exciting excursion is also the visit to the Sala silver mine. Here you take a lift 155 meters down into the mine. A guided tour here is really interesting and educational. There are of course many more nice and interesting destinations in central Sweden and one thing is for sure, a holiday in central Sweden gives you a good chance to recharge your batteries and at the same time discover fantastic and interesting excursion destinations that you will surely want to talk about for a long time, when you are back again in your well-known home environment.

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