Island vacations in Sweden are mostly vacations on Gotland and Öland, the two Swedish islands off the east coast of the Baltic Sea. These two islands clearly show its holiday guests every year that you don't have to travel far to the Mediterranean or elsewhere in order to experience a wonderful summer holiday or beach holiday with a maritime flair.

The sunny island of Öland can be reached via the seven-kilometer-long Öland Bridge from Kalmar and then the decision is whether to go south, north or east to the open sea to your holiday home. The south is characterized by small, idyllic villages, hidden and often lonely coastal strips with associated bathing areas and of course the Alvaret, a landscape with a fantastic unique flora that is more reminiscent of a steppe landscape than what one would expect on a northern European island. The Alvaret is part of the world natural heritage and invites you to hike and get to know it on designated paths.


In the north of Öland we find the famous, long, white sandy beaches of the island and tourist destinations such as the castle ruins of Borgholm. The summer residence of the Swedish royal family, Solliden, is also on Öland. This was built by Queen Victoria. A beautiful park and garden, which is open to the public in summer, surrounds the castle. So come and discover Öland in the holiday home, the island of sun, wind, nature and - not to forget - the many bathing opportunities!

Gotland is the second largest island in the Baltic Sea and a province with the capital Visby. The island of Gotland is characterized by a large limestone plateau and is famous for its coasts with limestone cliffs and stone formations created by erosion, which are called "Rauk" here. On Gotland you will find idyllic cultural landscapes, especially sheep pastures and of course the Hanseatic city of Visby with its curtain wall, which has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1995.

Once a year, usually at the beginning of August, the so-called "Middle Age Week" (Medeltidsveckan) takes place on Gotland. These days the clock is being turned back a few hundred years and Gotland is back in the Middle Ages. Visitors are offered knight festivals, music, guided tours, magic, medieval ceremonies or markets, everything on the theme of the Middle Ages. A lot of fun for young and old. If you find yourself in a holiday home here on Gotland at this time, don't miss out on this spectacle. Holidays on Gotland, your holiday destination in the footsteps of the Vikings, the Hanseatic era and Pippi Longstocking! (Because Pippis house is in Kneippbyn near Visby)

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