Vacation in northern Sweden - one of the last wilderness areas in Europe is known for breathtaking nature, a paradise for anglers, hikers and mountaineers and not to forget, a dream destination for your next winter holiday in a ski hut in one of the wonderful ski areas along the Swedish mountains on the border to Norway such as Sälen, Idre, Åre or Riksgränsen high in the north.

In times of corona pandemic, stress and electricity allergies, a holiday in a holiday home in northern Sweden is probably one of the best and safest ways to escape everyday life for a few days to recharge your batteries. There is also a lot to experience and discover up here.

Here in the north are the great river systems with their waterfalls, rapids and quiet streams that offer you fantastic fishing opportunities. If you want to get a little professional help with fishing, there are many places here to hire guides. You can fish for salmon, brown trout, red trout or grayling, for example. Another attraction of the far north is the fantastic northern lights and the midnight sun in this unique landscape.


On the east coast of northern Sweden we find the high coast, a unique and most northerly archipelago in the world, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In the southern archipelago on an island, we find the town of Härnösand, with a colorful cultural life and its historic town center.

Around 45 years ago, some residents of the mountain village of Idre came up with the idea that the mountain rising up in front of them was a good place for skiing and winter holidays. They assumed that future holiday guests from Idre would learn to love this mountain as much as the villagers themselves. What visionaries, today the mountain region of Idre fjäll offers its winter guests one of the best alpine ski areas in Sweden.

Deep in the mountains of the northern Swedish region of Jämtland and about 90 kilometers from the nearest airport in Östersund, we find the idyllic ski resort of Åre at the foot of the mountain of the same name, which extends well over a thousand meters above sea level. When you talk about Åre today, everyone thinks immediately and only of the excellent slopes and the international flair of all the World Cups that take place here.

But the combination of these dreamlike conditions for skiing and the dreamy little mountain villages in the area gives this winter sports resort that special atmosphere that no other Scandinavian ski resort can compete with.

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