Most holidaymakers in Sweden associate southern Sweden with the stories of Pippi Longstocking, Michel from Lönneberga, the scruffy detective Wallander from Ystad, or the archipelago romances by Inga Lindström. Most of the tourists from all over the world come to this diverse, beautiful region of Sweden every year. However, you will hardly suffer from claustrophobia here. The size and expanse of southern Sweden means you can easily find your dream holiday home here in a secluded location or in the middle of the forest. READ MORE

Here you will also find many holiday homes with dogs, although you have to bring your dog with you first, it is not in the holiday home and is waiting :-) Many people also dream of spending a holiday in the archipelago, preferably on their own little one Island. The large archipelago gardens of Stockholm and the west coast are of course ideal for this and also offer a lot of wonderful holiday homes and cabins, from simple and functional to luxury and comfort holiday homes. But, there are also the small, idyllic archipelago gardens along Sweden's coasts that not everyone knows and that are also wonderfully suitable for a holiday in the archipelago. The Karlskrona archipelago is one example. Another advantage is that you can still book holiday homes and holiday apartments for a smaller thaler in these small holiday paradises.

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