General conditions

Terms of agreement

What has to be considered for booking a cottage/accommodation?

General terms:

It is assumed that both parties (landlord and tenant) have read and agree to the following terms.

Trip To AB is not responsible for information provided by the landlord concerning the accommodation. The description of the holiday accommodation is created on the basis of information provided by the landlord. As concerns the rental transaction/agreement, Trip To is only a service provider and is not responsible for deficiencies or damage arising before, during or after a stay.


Responsible landlord is the owner/owners of the residence or the representative of the owner.

The duties of the landlord:

To accept the booking in writing or via email (the landlord may here use the services of Trip To) and to: Supply tenant with all necessary information such as address, travel instructions, handing over the keys etc. in good time before the day of arrival. In this connection the landlord may use the services of Trip To. Submit documents and information about where the key can be picked up in plenty of time before agreed day of arrival. In this connection the landlord may use the services of Trip To. Supply correct information about the residence and to control that information published on TripTo´s websites is accurate. Holiday accommodation shall be available for the tenant on the day of arrival after 16.00 o’clock, and on the day of departure until 10.00 o’clock, if nothing else has been agreed upon.

When is the booking binding?

The booking is binding as soon as the tenant pays the booking fee and the landlord, or Trip To AB in the name of the landlord, has sent a booking confirmation.

Payment obligations

The booking fee must be paid as soon as possible after receiving verification of reservation.

The advertised rental fees include a booking fee. This booking fee include 25% VAT.

The remaining portion of the rent must be paid by the guest upon arrival to the owner (payment alternative 1), or paid into the account of the landlord provided in the booking confirmation (payment alternative 2). Note that the transaction fee of the bank is paid by the tenant. When paying into an account the remaining portion of the rent must be available to the owner at least 40 days before arrival. The landlord will determine the type of payment (alternative 1 or 2).

The rights of the tenants

If the booked residence does not correspond to the published information, the tenant can demand that the landlord puts this to right. If this is not possible the tenant can claim a price reduction.

Complaints must be made to the owner as soon as possible – at least 3 days after arrival in order for the owner to deal with and fix the complaints. If the owner cannot be reached, then contact Trip To immediately so that they can help to locate the owner.

Complaints must be made during the stay at the residence to the landlord. Complaints cannot be made after the stay because the landlord then has no chance of fixing problems or finding alternatives.

Trip To AB will gladly help to mediate between the two parties. We do not take any responsibility for any breach of contract on the part of the owner. Costs that arise due to tenant’s own decisions and actions will not be compensated for by Trip To. We recommended an on-site house inspection upon arrival to avoid complaints later on.

What happens if payment is not made in time?

If the booking fee is not paid in time (within 10 days of receiving a verification of reservation) the booking will be cancelled. Please contact Trip To if you have not received a verification of reservation confirmation within 24 hours of making the booking. Please control the spam filter for emails from Trip To.

If the remaining rent is not paid in time according to the payment options 1 or 2, then this is considered a cancellation from the part of the guest. See “cancellations”

Cancellation rules

Cancellations must be made in writing or by email to the owner or to Trip To.

The landlord or Trip To, acting in the name of the landlord, will confirm the cancellation by email to you.

If cancellations are made earlier then 40 days before arrival, the guest only pays the deposit fee.

When cancellations are made later then 40 days prior arrival, then the deposit fee and 100% of the remaining rent must be paid. You have the right to find someone else to take your place, and the owner must accept this if there is no specific reason as why not. In this case the number of people and pets cannot not exceed the numbers given in your booking. Should the accommodation during the cancellation period be rented out in whole or in part again, you will get back the difference, minus the additional costs that have arisen.

What if I want to change a booking?

When changing a booking there will be an additional cost of 25 EUR. When changing a booking within 40 days of arrival the above cancellation rules are applied.

The duties of the tenant

At the time of the booking you assure that you are legally adult and at least 18.

Be careful with the accommodation. You must observe any specific rules, directives or regulations for the rented residence.

You are responsible for all damage during the rental period to the accommodation (exterior and interior) caused by you, those accompanying you or anyone you have invited due to carelessness or not.

You may only use the accommodation for the purpose agreed upon when booking (normally as holiday accommodation). You cannot let more people or animals stay over night in the residence, or its premises, then the numbers stated in the booking confirmation.

The holiday accommodation has to be cleaned thoroughly before departure (follow the instructions in the accommodation). In case you neglect the instructions the final cleaning will be charged afterwards. Sometimes final cleaning is included in the rent or can be bought separately. If this is the case you will find information about this in the advert. If final cleaning is paid for, the owner will vacuum clean, clean the toilets, scrub the floors. Other cleaning, such as dishes, taking out the trash and cleaning the kitchen must be done by the guests.

Smoking indoors is strictly forbidden unless explicitly allowed in the booking confirmation. If this rule is broken you have to pay for smoke cleanup.

War, natural disasters, strikes etc.:

The landlord have the right to withdraw from the lease if the accommodation cannot be used due to war, natural disasters, power and water failure over a longer period of time, strikes, fire or similar occurrences that neither the tenant nor the landlord can affect. In this case then tenant will, as soon as possible, be given back what was paid – with a deduction for any use that the tenant may have had of the accommodation.

Prices, day of arrival and departure, rental period and deposit:

The prices in the adverts are calculated per calendar week/ 7 nights from the day of arrival stated. If no specific day off arrival and departure is stated in the advert then it is usually Saturday.

The landlord has the right to demand that a deposit is paid by the guest together with the balance of the rent, or at the latest upon arrival. When deposit is payable upon arrival and no deposit sum has been mentioned, then the deposit may not exceed 1000 SEK. This deposit is a guarantee that that the accommodation is cleaned before leaving. After the landlord has approved of the cleaning on the day of departure the deposit will be repaid by the landlord to the tenant.

Extra costs such as electricity and water is already included in the price, if this is not so, it must be stated in the ad.

There may be a price correction due to change in exchange rates. If the new price exceeds 10% of the original price at the time of booking, then the tenant has right to cancel the lease.

What about legal disputes?

The legal parties to the agreement are the landlord and the tenant alone. Any conflict must be resolved by these parties without the involvement of Trip To.

Cancellation insurance

You can protect yourself against cancellation fees by taking out a policy concerning travel withdrawal, this includes the opportunity to cancel the travel in certain cases up to the last day before the date of arrival.

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