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Holiday accommodation in Södermanland

The capital Stockholm is situated partly in Södermanland. The second part is located in Uppland. Traditionally, the line between the two provinces is drawn in the water between the old town and the district of Södermalm in central Stockholm. Södermanland, popularly known as Sörmland, refers to the land south of the lake Mälaren. Like Uppland in the north, the province has numerous ancient remains (nearly 100,000) and a large population that approximately amounts to 1.1 million people. The province is dominated by lowland and wooded hills and many lakes. So it is a typical flat landscape; Södermanland is nowhere more than 200 meters above sea level.
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Information about the region of Södermanland

The characteristic landscape type is formed by a combination of faults that mainly go in the direction from the east to the west and large river valleys. Through these faults the land sunk from the south to the north, so that the crack along the fault on the north side was lowered, while the south remained. Södermanland is also the center of the Swedish nobility with a variety of mansions. Just as Södermanland, Uppland has a fantastic archipelago, both the part called the Stockholm Archipelago (east of Södermanland's Södertörn peninsula) and the one outside the coast of Södermanland. Södermanland welcomes you to discover a province full of opportunities!