Corporate housing in Sweden Need inexpensive accommodation for your employees, technicians or other business related tasks here in Sweden

TripTo AB supports for years successfully many large European medium-sized businesses (mainly from the building, energy, telecommunications and trade sector) and helps them to find the right accommodation in Sweden. We work together with the German-Swedish Commercial Company (AHK) and are also a member of the largest organization for German-Swedish trade relations.

Contact our English speaking company customer service and tell us your requests and criteria. After a quick and professional demand analysis we contact our mostly private landlords and check the most important points as well as your specific, individual wishes.

Based on a nationwide network of accommodations in sweden It is never far to your construction site or workplace.

You are looking for a suitable business accommodation for yourself, for your workers, mechanics or colleagues. Or are you going to work for a longer time in Sweden? The trend of the recent years that more and more companies and businesses opt for a comfortable and personal house or apartment for their company accommodation is continuing.

There are many advantages of these forms of accommodation over hotels and hostels. Aside from the usually significantly cheaper price, you also give your employees and construction workers considerably more freedom and the possibility to have a personal surrounding, which is simply not possible in a small room. We search for optimal solutions for your accommodation needs and provide you a quick solution tailored precisely to your requests.

Which advantages you have with us as a partner for your company accommodations

With us, you have chosen a partner who will care for you even after booking as well as during your stay at the destination and the service does not stop after the reservation. Of course we support you in English so that no ambiguity or communication difficulties arise. With several thousand properties in our database we are Sweden's biggest independent accommodation provider and also for your company we will find the best accommodation in Sweden.

Thanks to our direct contact with all of our landlords, we can provide you quickly individually adapted accommodations. Based on our many years of experience with company accommodations, we already know most of the little stumbling blocks that can occur and we can counteract those already in advance. For longer stays in Sweden we often can offer (on request) reduced monthly rates in the low season.

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